Warrior Echo

When a shadow slips black,
deep in the background,
steep in the sleek sound of
cricket wings leaking,
singing six feet – under

lock and key.
You don’t need to understand me,
the hardness that backhanded me.
the stillness wrapped tight around.
My swan! Feathers spread for what?
Not flight! Grace treads light
enough, we fight.

No words. Just wings, singing
for the shadow, deep in the back
ground, the Warrior’s Echo.

My Constant Companions – Patience & Hard Work by guest author L.K.Kelley

Originally posted on Valerie Penny's Book Reviews:

This article was first published by L.K. Kelley, author of White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy on 7 June 2015 at https://whitewolfprophecy.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/my-constant-companions-patience-hard-work/

“Patience is its own reward,” and “Work hard, and you will realize your dreams”. These are two quotes that we hear lkkelleyover and over throughout our lives. This leads me to say that patience and hard work are my constant companions.

And, it’s true. However, if you’re going to be an author, you’d better be totally prepared to be realistic, patient, and work hard without pause. Why? Because you are competing with hundreds of thousands of authors all over the world. That’s even double, triple, or even quadruple the authors, because many have far more than one book out there.

Working hard is just a first step, and it does not guarantee a darned thing. If you’ll notice, most books and authors that are recognized are on the “Best Seller…

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Good Morning…I got a haircut…


Paperback is available on Amazon.com now!!!

Fountain of Confessions

Still Looking For Reviewers/Critics

Hi Everyone.

I’m still looking for people that might be willing to write a review for my book Fountain Of Confessions to post on Amazon and elsewhere online.

If you are willing to write a review, I will email you an e-copy of the book and after the reviews are posted, I’ll mail a hard copy of the book.

Thanks to all of you!!


Fountain Of Confessions On Amazon

fountain of confessionsFountain Of Confessions

    Fountain Of Confessions is now available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. I look forward to hearing any feedback on it. Thank you so much!

    Fountain Of Confessions

    Hi Everyone!!

    My 2nd book, Fountain Of Confessions, is going to be available through Amazon this week. I am so excited to share it with you. I am going through my emails for reviewers and getting in touch with some of you if you are still available.

    If you’d like to do a review to post on your blog, I will be happy to send you an e-copy of the new book.

    Thank you all so much for being here. Some of you have been here since the time I started this blog nearly 4 years ago!!!

    I’ll be posting soon. Until then….


    The People

    Starved out of politeness, cockroach-kicked feet
    walk across a blue night.
    My lungs are stuck together, breathing in
    radiation from the hot air
    blown in my face.

    The people, the people glow
    white teeth at every camera. I see
    the teapot boiling,
    steam rising,
    whistle blowing….

    my ears ring out electric chords,
    far from the classic, ghostly shadow
    that sprawl across my nerves
    when they start to shiver.

    They eat very little,
    or a lot, or they drink
    or not,
    or they lie and mispronounce their own
    names on purpose and move around mountains
    blending in with the tones of the town.

    These people seem largely designed, I
    walk on needles. I am little and not
    proportionate. I dream about
    ages, and eggs and other meals
    that are not enough on their own.

    Is anyone? Enough with just their teeth and
    their camera and light?
    “She’s only crazy,” says my mother.
    And the hills are long monsters leaking
    into my brain. I’m dizzy
    and distorted. This image.
    This image set up in sanity, or not.

    Interview with poet Maggie Mae

    An interview with Nostrovia Poetry

    Jack The Ripper

    Summer has changed. Shadows walk loudly
    through the forest.
    I never thought I could multiply this way, but
    you help me heat the sun. Now I’m locked
    in the middle of a road
    that I don’t know,
    your feet planted in front of my knees.

    A door falls asleep. I meant it for life.
    Poisoned fruit for useless tongues. Then your
    taste proved me wrong.
    I lay on my back
    and watch the morning cry. I made the forest
    lie, but you’ve been lucky.

    Jack the Ripper crossed the river and hung
    up my soul. Now I chase the dark for you.


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